Digital Performance Gauge for BMW E36 M50 Turbo Ecumaster ECU

Special Dashboard Digital Performance Gauge for ECUMASTER aftermarket ECU which placed on BMW E36 M50 Turbo. Can be programmed special graphics and values.

Different sizes we have as: 2.4″ 2.8″ 3.2″ 3.5″ 4.3″ 5″ 7″ 10.1″

Only works with: – ECUMASTER EMU, – ECUMASTER EMU Classic and – ECUMASTER EMU Black

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Can show:

RPM, MAP, TPS, IAT, Battery, Ignition Angle, EGT, Knock Level, Dwell Time, AFR, Gear, Baro, Injector DC, Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature, Fuel Pressure, CLT, Flex Fuel Ethanol Content, Flex Fuel Temperature, Lambda, Vehicle Speed, Fuel Level, Lambda Target, AFR Target